Academically the school has been passing with flying colors since the school started which has attracted many students abroad to come and study from here. This has been evidenced by attracting people in America to come and some do research from our beloved school. Also the school has produced many students among the best top students in the whole country.

Socially the school has been in good conditions with its neighbors by giving them employment opportunities. This has created good relationship with the rest of the community.

The school has successful done infrastructure through building teachers houses and renovating some school structures. This has improved standards of living among both students and teachers.
Disciplines: Behaviors of Children have been very good at Groupe Scolaire Sainte Bernadette since the care takers are sisters. This is based on Ten Commandments of God

Increase in the number of Students since the school started with few numbers of students and now the enrollment has gone to almost 751.
The school has also introduced both laboratories for ICT and Sciences specifically Physics, Chemistry and biology. This has improved better learning situation which led the school to be a science school and performing better on the national level.

Sanitation in school has improved at a higher level by students involving themselves in those activities to make the environment clean. Furthermore they have transferred knowledge to their home hence being good examples in the community.
The school has improved the welfare of teachers and students by feeding them with good food thus facilitating good learning conditions.
In games and sports the school has been successful by winning trophies at all levels.
Tribute goes to the founders of the school, who were far sited in taking a daring step to start a school where only girls were to be educated. It is a common knowledge that traditionally formal education did not favour women (girls) so the opening of was and is still a challenge to traditional belief on women education.

The success and growth of Groupe Scolaire Sainte Bernadette remains a reminder that the girl child can excel when given a chance.

The recipe for academic success is discipline, hard work and co operation, nurtured by prayer. The year 2012, saw the School achieve Groupe Scolaire Sainte Bernadette the peak of academic excellence, whereby she produced the best results ever in the last years of existence. All senior three passed and all senior six all are University material

The Alumni Association (old Girls and boys) has been reborn to able leadership of Groupe Scolaire Sainte Bernadette.