To promote female Education and science through full training, ̋ train a girl child, a future mother trained and the whole nation at large ̏.


To prepare a girl child with fully spiritually, morally, culturally and open her intellectual abilities so as to be able and important creature in the world over.

Our Philosophy

The philosophy of Sainte Bernadette is based on the Christian understanding of God, mankind and the world and the reason why we permitted boys in the school was to ensure the Equal family education. Commitment to developing individual talents with divine focus that will produce God fearing graduates of acceptable integrity and Christian values.

Our core values are;

- Happiness
- Professionalism
- Wisdom

All pivoted around the teaching, training and nurturing the child to acquire modern knowledge and skills that develops the individual and the nation at large.

We are determined to defend and build the school status to the highest level of effective learning and training towards excellence. This includes modern literacy, communication, creativity, critical thinking skills, social and community development and global awareness.