Welcome note from the Headteacher

Welcome to our Website which unfolds to you the intricate richness of Groupe Scolaire Ste Bernadette an all girls education center, where learning is self-knowing and self development of each ’girl child’ who passes through the hands of this all embracing and loving mother school.

Learning at, Ste Bernadette gives the child the five pillars of what education should give: Confidence, Competence, Creativity, Knowledge and Good Character.
Groupe Scolaire Ste Bernadette was the first girls’ boarding school in Rwanda region. For the last 75 years, the school has been offering excellent all-round quality education for girls from different parts of the country and even from outside Rwanda.

We first appreciate God for the long lasting of our school. It was in 1938 when this school was started by soeurs Blanche and was the first in Rwanda to promote and pioneer education for girls. It started with the section of Education of girls and served to the country as the foundation for the beginning of the girl-child Education in the beloved country.
More so we thank the church and the government for the efforts in supporting to develop in such a wonderful big school in the country. The government supported us in different aspects by providing us with Scholastic materials hence positive results in education development of the whole nation.

Also great thanks go to the parents who brought their children to study from here; thanks go to the students for being with good behaviors at school leading to the development of the school.
The great appreciation goes to the teachers, well wishers, friends and entire community for the moral support they shown for the betterment of the school. You have done great work to assist the school to develop to a modern school.

My gratitude goes to everyone who supports Groupe Scolaire Sainte Bernadette Save in promoting education of the girl child.

May God sustain and continue to bless Groupe Scolaire Sainte Bernadette Save and our Old Students.