G.S Ste Bernadette

Sport and Culture

- Games: Football, Volley ball, Netball, Basket ball.

The school has many trophies in Rwanda especially in 2013
We have always our best not only in our region but also in the country at large.

We have also performed well at the East African community as well
Thanks for the support from our administration for all the support.

These are one of the highlights.

2013: Girls champions in volleyball Save Sector.

2013: Boys champions in volleyball Save Sector.

2013: Boys have been champions in Football Gisagara District.

2013: Girls champions in Netball Save Sector.

2013: Girls first run up champions in Hand Ball Save Sector.

2013: Girls champions in Basketball Save Sector.

2013: Girls and Boys participated in Southern Province Galla.

- Traditional dancing: It is highly practiced to preserve culture of Rwanda.

- Gymnastics: They are also available at Groupe Scolaire Sainte Bernadette for young boys and girls to be modeled with better future to avoid some problems associated with unfit bodies.

-  Entertainment is highly respected where the school has TV Room for Students to do watch news and remained informed on what is taking place in the world.